Tips For A Successful Expo

Sell around the exhibition

The exhibitions are designed to help you with specific target selling in area after area

  1. Before the exhibition: When calling before the exhibition ask your customer to come to the stand and have a drink with you so that they can… see the complete product range… watch a demonstration of the product in action… see the computer design programme you have introduced… and so on.
  2. After the exhibition: At the exhibition you can offer to bring product A into the customer’s work place so that they can see it in action under the actual conditions. Very important to the mines… they all believe that they have special problems unlike those faced by other people!
  3. Remember: The exhibition is an after work hours activity so that you have a chance to sell before and after… You’ll usually be in that sales area for a day or two.

 Vital aspects of making an exhibition stand work

As every good salesperson knows, the customer is only interested in what you can do for them – they care about your product features ONLY after they have been shown benefits that the product can give them. Your stand therefore must be focused on the customer’s needs… not on your product. If you would like to be ignored by more mine people than you thought existed… stick up a series of product pictures and sit back… we’ve seen it a number of times… you won’t get to first base.

So what do you need on a stand?

  1. First and foremost you need a simple story based on the customer… how you can make their life easier, safer, more profitable, more exciting… how you can make them more successful and effective. Next you need things that will grab their interest… a demonstration, a computer programme, a short video (10 minutes tops… shorter is better!), and a blackboard or white board to demonstrate situations. Obviously, you need products or perhaps key components of products so that customers can feel, look and get involved.
  2. Consider competitions, limited time offers or low cost giveaways
  3. Make sure that you have a visitors book to record enquiries and interests of visitors. You need business cards and writing equipment.

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