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Safety first


Mining & Technical Exhibitions (MTE) provides a number of safety points so as to ensure that the safety and security points standards set by the mine are adhered to as well as seeing that everyone’s safety is secure.

Any point not being followed could result in an exhibitor being asked to leave the area by the mine security and/or the MTE operations manager. We adopt the same ZERO TOLERANCE for unsafe practices as do the mines.

  1. No unprotected equipment must be displayed that could cause fire or injury to individuals, groups or the environment.
  2. All demonstrations must be done with the necessary protection and approval from the MTE operations manager.
  3. NO CARS/VEHICLES must be parked in front of the exhibits or at the side so as to impede entrance or exit during the hours of the exhibition. If requested to move a vehicle by MTE staff please do so immediately.
  4. All safety signs at the exhibition must be adhered to.
  5. All displays must be firmly fixed.
  6. Whilst a first aid box is available at the organisers, each exhibitor should have their own first aid box to handle their small injuries. The MTE staff have had first aid training but it is up to the individual to see that safety is adhered to. This allows for a safe and secure exhibition for everyone.
  7. Please note: All equipment displayed must be insured by the exhibitor.
  8. In the event of an emergency, please leave your stand and move to the emergency point. Lives are more important than equipment.
  9. Take note and obey all mine safety and security signs within the mine complex.
  10. Ensure all vehicles are roadworthy and licensed. The mine reserves the right to deny entry to any vehicle/individual.
  11. No alcohol/drugs are permitted on mine property.
  12. You may not use any adhesives/Velcro on white boards other than Prestik or double-sided tape (not industrial). If boards are damaged they will be charged to your company’s account.
  13. Please ensure you keep your belongings safe.
  14. MTE accepts no responsibility if the club/venue enforces club or legislative rules regarding alcohol on their premises.
  15. Do not stand under suspended loads from a crane or forklift.
  16. Do not work with heavy equipment without the correct personal protective equipment.
  17. Security: MTE is not responsible for any lost or damaged equipment.
Andrew Macnamara
Andrew MacnamaraDIRECTOR