Reasons to exhibit:

  • MTE is a face-to-face driven company so we will come and meet you to work through your interests and questions.
  • MTE will help you to select exhibitions according to your company’s marketing strategies.
  • MTE’s relationships in the mining and industrial areas where we host exhibitions have been around for 30 years.
  • MTE gets full buy-in from the operations management (visitors) before hosting the exhibitions.
  • Reinforce relationships with your existing clients.
  • Excellent way to brand your company.
  • Network with key operation staff from the operations invited.
  • If you have new products or new technology that you want to get out into the industry this is the perfect way to do so.
  • Identify and assess new markets.
  • Guided walkways so each visitor walks past each exhibit. (No walkway if exhibition has more than 60 exhibits)
  • Secure new business contacts & develop prospect database.
  • One good lead pays for the exhibition.
  • You receive the list of registered visitors after the exhibition. (POPIA compliant)

Getting the most out of MTE exhibitions

Using the exhibitions

…If you are a big company
Use the exhibitions to build your relationships through coaching and counselling – introduce new ideas, add new products, strengthen your market penetration. You will have more time to talk to your mining friends and contacts because they’re not under severe time pressures, and in a more relaxed environment.

…If you are a small company
Limited man-hours means you must maximise your face-to-face time with customers. The exhibitions get you in front of thousands of users and specifiers – more than you will ever see in regular selling. Use the force of the exhibition to help you talk to key mine employees.

Problems faced by companies selling direct to the mines

  • Large decision-making units, many sales calls needed on each mine.
  • Widespread geographic area – often results in limited and sporadic support from Head Office personnel.
  • Difficulties in making appointments… often cancelled or just ‘ducked’.
  • ‘Mining People’ only available for short period in afternoon
  • Subjective decisions can be made by relatively low rank mine people… not everyone can say “yes” but many can say “no”!
  • Lengthy decision-making process for new products – mining people are conservative.
  • Difficult if not impossible to present a complete product range in one call.

 Benefits of selling on MTE exhibitions

  • Specifiers, users and decision makers all gathered in one place.
  • The people you are talking to are in a positive frame of mind.
  • You have all the products your customers want to see… right at hand.
  • You have the facilities to demonstrate your products.
  • You can “coach” key members of the workforce.
  • More relaxed environment.
  • You get all this at an affordable price.

Plan to succeed

  1. Set objectives.
  2. Invite your current contacts on the operations that are in the area of the exhibition.
  3. Create activity on your stand. Demonstrations work well to create interests.
  4. Interest means creating an environment where you draw the visitors by using their senses.
  5. Make sure your stand says things the mines like to hear, not things you like to say.
  6. Network – almost everybody knows the people you want to see.
  7. Engage! No sitting behind your table on your computer or cellphone.
  8. Stay late – senior mine people are very busy and they may arrive at the exhibition late.
  9. Carefully note all interest – do not rely on memory.
  10. Success is yours!

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