The Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE’s) team welcomes all its valued exhibitors back – to a year filled with potential.

Image supplied by Pexels| Olia Danilevich

Image supplied by Pexels| Olia Danilevich

“The year will be what we make of it. There will always be challenges and mountains to climb in our journey together to reach all our loyal visitors and customers most effectively, but it is through collaboration and thinking out of the box that we will make a success of 2024,” says Andrew Macnamara, operations director at MTE.

“We are looking forward to the year ahead and I encourage all of our valued exhibitors to share their marketing strategies with our team of dedicated representatives, so that we can support them in reaching their business goals in 2024.”

If you have not yet booked your expos with MTE for the year – speak to your sales representative for available deals.

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Andrew Macnamara, MTE operations director: +27 (0) 82 720 0083 |