The Just Energy Transition is a focus globally. As South Africa grapples with an exacerbated energy crisis, the energy sector – particularly the renewable energy space – has a unique opportunity to develop and grow without the bias and prejudice that is embedded in more established industries.  WE Connect is working to ensure that under-represented groups – particularly women – are offered a fighting chance to actively participate in the sector.

Image supplied by Pexels | Myriam’s Fotos

Image supplied by Pexels | Myriam’s Fotos

“South Africa stands at a crucial juncture in shaping its energy future, and WE Connect is determined to play a leading role in this transformative process to ensure that the transition is intentionally inclusive,” says Kalnisha Singh, WE Connect executive Director.

WE Connect has three programmatic areas – access for youth, support for in-career professionals and support for value-chain development.  Across these areas, the organisation works to build the bridges between aspiration and opportunities – supporting under-represented individuals to find linkages in the energy industry, that support their participation and growth.

WE Connect has recently partnered with the United Nations Development Programme to design and execute a series of in-person workshops themed “Advancing and Inclusive Just Energy Transition” with the intention of creating the physical space to enable connection between those with aspiration and those holding the opportunities.

Singh elaborates, “The growth of the energy industry has presented a myriad of opportunities, but we often receive the feedback that these theoretical opportunities do not translate to realised opportunities for under-represented individuals – either in employment or as business-owners.  As such, our intention with these workshops is that every participant leaves the day one step closer to realising their aspiration – one step closer to unlocking the opportunities”.

The first workshop took place on 30 November 2023 in Johannesburg. A second workshop is planned for January 2024 in East London, and a third in February 2024 in Upington.

Source: Press release