Visitors to this year’s Mining & Technical Exhibitions (MTE) stand the chance to win one of 25 Chicago Pneumatic CPPG5 (5.5Kva) petrol-driven portable generators.

“In a bid to grow the Chicago Pneumatic brand within the mining industry which is a key market for us, we took the decision to focus on this segment during 2018,” explains business development manager for Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment in South Africa, Eben van der Vyver.” Our barter agreement with MTE sees us giving away a total of 25 portable generators, one at each of the exhibitions during 2018.

“With the exhibitions taking place in six of our country’s provinces as well as in neighbouring countries, Botswana and Zambia, MTE presents us with the ideal platform to expand our CPPG generator footprint in the mining sector.” Van der Vyver adds that this initiative also provides good exposure for Chicago Pneumatic’s distributors.

Designed to deliver stable electrical output and safe, user-friendly operation over a long service life, the Chicago Pneumatic’s CPPG portable generator line is all about enhancing productivity. “These generators reliably deliver the power that is needed, where and when it is needed so that customers can get straight to work and get the job done,” says Van der Vyver.

Chicago Pneumatic CPPG5 portable generator

Chicago Pneumatic CPPG5 portable generator, indispensable on any job site where power is required.
Image credit: MTE

Built for durability to handle the toughest of sites and the most stringent of conditions, the CPPG generator range features a strong main frame with extra reinforcement around sensitive components and a protected electrical panel. Sockets are covered and recessed for added protection.

The new CE-compliant CP engine is based on extensive research and field testing and was designed specifically for the CPPG gasoline-powered generator line.

The compact unit is easy to manoeuvre around the job site and its open structure allows quick access to components, speeding up service and improving uptime. The units are equipped with a user-friendly control panel and an hour counter which helps to keep track of when scheduled maintenance is due.

“With all these features, the CPPG5 is without any doubt a must-have on any job site where power is required,” concludes Van Der Vyver.