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Innovative measurement technology

For over 60 years, VEGA has provided industry-leading products for the measurement of level, density, weight and pressure. As the inventor of the modern radiation-based measurement system and the first to introduce a two-wire loop powered radar, VEGA has a strong tradition of product development and improvement. VEGA recently added optional Bluetooth technology to PLICSCOM, a detachable display and adjustment module

Production processes are becoming ever more complex. So, it’s really important that the measurement technology used to control and monitor the processes is all the more understandable and intuitive. VEGA has set itself the goal of developing innovative measurement technology that is easy to install and operate and offers maximum safety and reliability.

VEGA employs over 1 750 people worldwide, 800 of whom work at its headquarters in Schiltach in the Black Forest. This is where, for over 60 years now, solutions to demanding measuring tasks are being conceived and brought to realisation: for chemical and pharmaceutical plants, the food industry, drinking water supply systems, sewage treatment plants, landfills, mining, power generation, oil platforms, ships and aeroplanes.

VEGA is active in over 80 countries with its globe-spanning network of subsidiaries and distributors. The company and its products have all the necessary certificates and approvals for worldwide application. This applies to the technical safety as well as the quality of the products and services.

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