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Sandblasting Abrasives & Stemming Material

Afrigrit’s goal is to create the largest end to end solution provider to the civil engineering, road construction and corrosion protection industries.

Our mission is to maximize market share and offer financial benefits to our customers. To deliver products and services that lead in quality, innovation, customer satisfaction and value as measured against the highest industry standards.

Like garnet, AfriGrit’s FeCr slag sandblasting abrasive has a high resistance to shattering on impact which results in low dust operations compared to other expendable abrasives.

  • Low particle breakdown and dust
  • Low consumption = lower CO2 emissions
  • Reduced paint consumption by achieving the correct blast profiles for paint specifications
  • Environmentally safe, inert and non-hazardous
  • EB 70 fraction size of 0.2mm – 0.6mm
    Export quality

Suitable applications

  • For the removal of mill scale, rust, aged coatings
  • Etching into glass, plastics, metals, ceramics and granite

Afrigrit abrasives conform to national and international health and safety regulations.

FeCr Slag Stemming Material
FeCr slag is utilised successfully as stemming material to insulate an explosive charge. It is non flammable and is hard and durable, with a high co-efficient of internal friction. It improves blasting results, there is increased spacing distances with better fragmentation. The volume of rock is reduced by 7 – 10%.

Using FeCr Slag stemming material increases the resistance to the escape of gaseous detonation products from the charge case. It spreads the explosion energy further, which leads to more efficient crushing work and the better removal of rock.

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