Mining Travelling Exhibitions are not merely restricted to SA, the team is constantly working to create connections all across the continent. One of our most eagerly anticipated destinations is beautiful Zambia, a country which is blessed with a wealth of natural resources and home to several notable mining operations. Over the course of a single week we hosted a trio of exhibitions in three different locations.



The first leg of our Zambia triple showcase was Kalumbila, with the event taking place at Impala Hotels and Suites. Although the team initially had a few challenges to overcome, the day went ahead full steam and a very successful show was had by all. The weather was hot but otherwise perfect and made for a fitting backdrop for some profitable exchanges between visitors and suppliers. At this particular show we had 45 top notch exhibitors and over 300 visitors to the show. The quality of visitors was noted by our exhibitors as being very good, with representatives from maintenance management, supply chain management and commercial management in addition to mine engineers and senior engineers, among many others. A very good exhibition on the whole with great feedback from all who attended.

MTE_26_Sept2022_Kalumbila Expo. Image credit: MTE Expo ©

MTE_26_Sept2022_Kalumbila Expo. Image credit: MTE Expo ©


Next up was Solwezi, a fast-growing town which has benefited from the thriving mining industry in the area with some world class copper mining and many opportunities for good business. From 13h00 the show happened at Royal Solwezi Hotel and again it was a hugely successful day, with 48 exhibitors and around 230 visitors. Our suppliers again noted the high quality of visitors, some finding it even better than our previous show. Procurement management staff from the mines came to see the stands, with engineering management, mine engineers and contractors all making appearances as well.

28_Sept2022_Solwezi Expo. Image credit: Image credit: MTE Expo ©

28_Sept2022_Solwezi Expo. Image credit: Image credit: MTE Expo ©


Last but certainly not least was Kitwe. We ended off the week on a high note with an extremely busy and productive show, our 47 exhibitors had their best offerings on display for the 680 visitors who came through to the exhibition from 13h00-17h00 at Nkana Cricket Club. Feedback was resoundingly positive from both suppliers and visitors, who indicated that business had been very good with many positive interactions and plenty of networking. The quality of visitors was once again excellent, with representation from various mines along the copperbelt near the DRC border all the way to processing operations in Angola. Types of visitors included…

30_Sept2022_Kitwe Expo. Image credit: Image credit: MTE Expo ©

30_Sept2022_Kitwe Expo. Image credit: MTE Expo ©

MTE is all about creating value for our clients. Extensive arrangements were made in advance of these three shows in order to make sure everything went smoothly and those exhibitors who came with us to Zambia can no doubt attest to this fact. From organising the venue to making sure everyone made it there, MTE worked tirelessly to deliver a hugely beneficial trip. All three shows were noted as being worthwhile for our exhibitors and there was a huge amount of interest from the mines in terms of forming business connections.

MTE shows are a superb platform for engagement between mine management and suppliers. With each expo customised according to the needs of the mines, we ensure that your business gets the exposure it needs to forge business relationships which can last for many years.

We aim to keep up the pace going forward, so if you want a piece of the action you had best book your place to ensure your business can also benefit from our ability to connect solutions providers with those who need their products and services most.

Want to get in touch? We are always open to suggestions as to how we can make future expos even more accommodating for you and your business.

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