Due to the success of our innovative MTE digital product portal in 2021, we will continue to update the industry on new and solution-driven technologies, products, and services available in the mining, energy and power, and paper and pulp space.

Going digital is not new to MTE, as we proved last year when we were unable to host some of our largest and most popular shows during lockdown. We made a plan and offered a new portal to enable our valued exhibitors to talk to the industry. The product portal is therefore back by popular demand, but with a difference…

If you are a supplier to the industry:

  • you can book a spot
  • for a full year
  • at economic rates
  • to reach the desks and mobile phones of key industry decision makers, interested in innovation and solving that persistent problem haunting them at night.

MTE’s digital portal is user-friendly and offers solutions to make operations more safe, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Click here to access the MTE digital product portal for industry solutions.