For a year now the MTE digital product portal has been a source of instant access to useful information on our various exhibitors and the services/products they provide. This indispensable tool is just one of the methods we use to educate our clients about the cutting edge in industry innovation.


Have a look for yourself, you will quickly discover how the Product Portal provides all relevant info about specific companies as well as the industries they serve in addition to a brief overview of their expertise – with more detailed information and contact details just a click away. Our list of suppliers is always growing so sign up today and discover the benefits of exhibiting with us – such as the exposure the product portal can give your business.

MTE was swift to adapt to the digital marketplace during the pandemic and now you can do the same by registering as one of our exhibitors so that your products can find the exposure you have been searching for. Each month we send out a list of our registered exhibitors, so if you want to be featured then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you are a supplier to the industry:

  • you can book a spot
  • for a full year
  • at economic rates
  • to reach the desks and mobile phones of key industry decision makers, interested in
    innovation and solving that persistent problem haunting them at night.

The MTE portal is user-friendly and offers solutions to make operations more safe, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. Whether you are a supplier with a cutting-edge product or a buyer in need of a particular solution – the digital product portal is your gateway.

Click here to access the MTE digital product portal for industry solutions.