By Dineo Phoshoko

To celebrate MTE’s 25th birthday, MMPR caught up with Artwell Tshwene who’s is the longest serving MTE member, having been with the travelling exhibition specialist for 14 years.

Artwell Tshwene is part of the operations team and is responsible for preparing the stands for every exhibition that MTE hosts.

Artwell Tshwene

Artwell Tshwene has been with MTE for the past 14 years and has gained immense experience during his time.

When Tshwene started working for MTE, the travelling exhibition company was still under the leadership of Tony Whiteman. He explains that the reason he has been with MTE for so long is because he enjoys his job and working with his colleagues. He also maintains that he has gained a lot of experience over the past 14 years in his time with MTE.

There is no doubt that working for such an established and successful brand comes with highlights and challenges. According to Tshwene, one of the highlights of his job is travelling and getting an opportunity to see different places and meet people — especially with the cross broader shows. “Most of the people we meet think highly of the South Africa and many of them want to come and visit,” says Tshwene. He adds that MTE is often well received at the cross broader shows.

“Most of the people we meet think highly of the South Africa and many of them want to come and visit.”

Tshwene finds that sorting out the small things is what he finds to be a challenge. “Sometimes we find casual workers that promise to work, but don’t deliver on their promises when the time comes.” When it comes to the weather, Tshwene says that he prefers working in slightly cooler conditions than in the heat.

When he’s not travelling across the country with MTE, Tshwene spends his free time with family and friends. “I have two children, so I enjoy spending time with them at home. I also like to play pool with my friends,” he adds.

The likes of Tshwene and the rest of the dedicated individuals at MTE are a huge part of its success over the past 25 years. A combination of the hardworking MTE team, as well as the relationship the brand has with both exhibitors and visitors, means continued success is inevitable for the travelling exhibition specialist.