In 2019, Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE) hosted 30 shows and 1 golf day, across 6 provinces and in 4 southern African countries. MTE has achieved a lot of success during 2019 and enjoyed many highlights.

The MTE team responsible for organising and hosting exhibitions throughout the year. Image credit: MTE

The MTE team responsible for organising and hosting exhibitions throughout the year. Image credit: MTE

MTE attributes most of its success to the exhibitors and visitors who supported the travelling exhibition throughout the year. As such, MTE would like to express gratitude to every exhibitor and visitor who participated in an MTE expo during 2019.

“I would like to thank the mining and industrial industries that support us by attending the exhibitions in their areas and looking for new technology and innovation that they can use to create efficiencies and generally uplift the running of their operations. Without your support at our exhibitions, we wouldn’t be able to get the relevant suppliers to the exhibitions,” says Andrew Macnamara, MTE operations director.

The MTE 2020 calendar is ready, so everyone can start preparing accordingly for 2020. In addition, the 2020 Expopedia is also available to provide visitors and exhibitors with detailed information about participating in the show as well as information on the areas the travelling exhibition will be visiting. “I would also like to thank all the suppliers that have supported us in 2019. We have felt a definite upturn in the industry through suppliers wanting to get back into the industry and showcasing their products and services. All the small innovations that MTE has put in place at the expos have resulted in a positive result in the feedback we receive, and we will continue to take you to the heart of the mining and industrial operations,” Macnamara adds.

MTE is ready to tackle 2020 with optimism and enthusiasm. The travelling exhibition specialist has done its homework – most of which is visiting the mines and liaising with mine personnel – and is ready to deliver high impact exhibitions throughout 2020.

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