When a mining operation from the North West Province contacted Rocla for culverts for a smelter tunnel that required windows, the Rocla Technical Team gathered around the drawing board.

When one thinks of precast concrete culverts one normally imagines them installed under bridges and roads, enabling stormwater to flow freely and preventing the destruction of essential infrastructure. Nonetheless, Rocla’s Technical Team has enormous experience in customising pre-cast concrete solutions and this specialised request, despite having its own unique challenges, drew upon the team’s extensive technical capabilities, which resulted in a successful and mine safe solution being created.

Muhammad Bodhania, civil engineer, said, “The customised culverts were designed to offer operators at the smelter plant a safe passage by eliminating direct exposure to intense heat from metals and sparks at the smelter site while still providing some source of natural light. We designed, manufactured and supplied five 1.5 m x 2.0 m walkway culverts (100s) and two 1.5m x 2.0m walkway culverts (100s) with 200mm thick reinforced back panels and 450mmx450mm window inserts.”

“This project highlights how we can overcome any application challenge through innovative design. Sometimes one size does not fit all, and that is where our expertise comes to the fore when a customer requires a solution that is of a more specialised and customised nature,” concluded Bodhania.

The units will be delivered to site during the forthcoming winter shut-down months. Rocla has been commissioned to deliver a further six special windowed culverts.

Rocla is part of the ISG which also includes Technicrete.

The Rocla team proudly shows off the custom-built concrete culverts. Image credit: IS Group

The Rocla team proudly shows off the custom-built concrete culverts. Image credit: IS Group