Tru-Trac® conveyor trackers are designed to automatically correct belt misalignment. Tru-Trac® is reliable, maintenance free, operates in all conditions and is simple to install. All our products are backed-up by worldwide distribution & support networks.

TRU-TRAC CONVEYOR BELT TRACKER. Image credit: Tru-Trac Rollers

TRU-TRAC CONVEYOR BELT TRACKER. Image credit: Tru-Trac Rollers

Tru-Trac Rollers (Pty) Ltd. is the world’s leading supplier of solutions relating to problems experienced with the tracking and alignment of conveyor belts.

Here is a real case example of how we solved a major conveyor misalignment issue for one of our customers in the chrome industry:

The customer was experiencing misalignment issues with their conveyor belt system, which prevented them from running at full capacity, resulting in large production losses. They tried installing 6 x competitors trackers, which did not resolve the problem. Tru-Trac Rollers were then contacted to solve the problem; our technical installation team installed only 1 x Tru-Trac Flat Return Tracker, and had the customer’s belt system fully operational again within minutes of starting up the belt. Watch our video to see this live in action.

We’ll save you money by protecting your conveyor belt, improving safety and enhancing productivity. Tru-Trac® – Make conveyor belt misalignment a thing of the past!