Atlas Copco has unveiled the pioneering new Smart Air controller in line with its focus on clean drive technology, connectivity and versatility powered through sustainable portable air, power and flow equipment.

Equipped with the company’s latest innovations, this easy-to-operate, powerful controller provides customers with enhanced compressor control and increased efficiencies.

“All Atlas Copco large and specialty air compressors with flows from 20 to 128m3/min (700 to 4 500cfm) and pressures up to 345 bar (5 000psi) feature the Smart Air controller with its user-friendly interface and ability to provide exceptional insights,” states David Stanford, business line manager of portable products at Atlas Copco Power Technique. “A real game changer is the fact that one Smart Air Xc4004 controller replaces seven different older controller models. This drastically improves efficiencies and ease of use when operating several Atlas Copco compressors.”

The versatile controller features a 7-inch controller display that provides a simultaneous view of fifteen key parameters including pressure and flow; this eliminates the need to toggle around to check the flow at a certain pressure. Furthermore, the controller’s top structured alarm settings allow for operation monitoring. “Alongside its remarkable intuitive, easy-to-use complete control capabilities, the Smart Air controller’s navigation is available in an impressive 30 languages thereby catering to customers around the world,” points out Stanford.

Designed and developed to contain limited connectors, the compact controller supports all Atlas Copco regulating systems such as the new AirXpert 2.0 as well as the pneumatic regulation system, delivering a substantial increase in efficiency. In addition, the controller’s auto load, unload and start or stop functionalities boost fuel efficiency.

The Smart Air controller’s auto diagnostic function inspects engine conditions and actively minimises operation standstill. Thanks to the data storage capabilities of this intelligent controller, customers are able to quickly access historical trends and perform operational analysis as well as schedule preventive maintenance. According to Stanford, by arming customers with the ability to roughly predict machine operation lifespan they are able to realise overall total cost of ownership and improve uptime.

The robust Smart Air controller’s display is anti-glare, freeze-free and IP67 rated which enables protection against water, dust and dirt contamination. This eco-friendly controller also offers a solution for the majority of emission regulations.

“We also offer a second control unit that provides customers with the time-saving ability to access several parameters as well as the option to remotely operate their portable compressors in drilling applications for instance,” affirms Stanford. This remote monitoring can be hard-wired or through RRC radio connection. Stanford adds that this versatile second point-of-use controller enables operators to effectively manage the compressors’ eco-mode, dynamic flow boost, multi-pressure/flow settings and emergency stop.

During 2018, Atlas Copco successfully rolled out several best-in-class products and range expansions. Hot on the heels of this highly fruitful year, Bauma 2019 presented the perfect stage for the company to showcase the new controller’s vast capabilities.

“Our state-of-the-art Smart Air Xc4004 controller safeguards customers’ investments and greatly minimises operating costs of equipment through advanced insights. Regardless of the operating environment, our Smart Air controller will rise to the occasion and deliver results that will exceed customers’ expectations,” concludes Stanford.