The MTE Team are on the road all the time with an ear to the ground – talking to the decision makers in the mining, power, cement, sugar, logistics, port and harbour, and paper and pulp industries. Having sifted through the trends, challenges and needs in the industries it serves, this month, solutions in pumping, pipes and valves are MTE’s selected category of innovation it has suggested as a theme for the Product Blast Blitz.

Dd20-SWJPQQkuFWA | Unsplash

kuFWA | Unsplash

If you have an innovation or solution which answers this call from industry, please contact the MTE sales team to book an exclusive product blast to be sent out according to the schedule created below on the “tried and tested” platform that speaks to our readers of 20 000+ on a daily basis. The team has a number of economic deals they can share with you.

The following topic schedule has been devised to answer the industry’s call:

  • June – Pumping, pipes and valves
  • July – Mine digitalisation
  • August – Technology in PPE, security, access control and drones
  • September – Conveyor belt technology
  • October – Tyres, tyre management and tooling
  • November – LED lighting and switches
  • December – Environmental, dust suppression and rehabilitation

Contact the MTE sales team: 

Sheldon Greybe: +27 (0) 84 569 3516 |

Cathylene Labuschagne: +27 (0) 11 579 4940 |