Recently launched, Africa Standards Certification (ASC) is a newly formed accredited assurance body.

Accredited by SANAS, its role is to act as a third-party quality and safety company, already recognised by more than eight regulatory authorities across the African Continent, and it specialises in product and systems certification, testing, inspections and environmental sustainability.

ASC’s mission is to foster trade efficiency, product safety and quality confidence in Africa – one product testing, one certification and one inspection at a time.

Coupled with the opening of the Free Trade Agreement for Africa, the timing is perfect. Opening trade throughout the continent and utilising such services will add value to a company wishing to do business in Africa and provide the edge for those who are certified.

This now also creates opportunities to enhance product growth by accessing new markets with suitable certification.

The Certification Body (CB) under the African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO) has 43 of the 55 African countries as members, with the remaining 12 currently non-members.

ARSO’s one objective is to harmonise standards access in the continent and the role of the CB is essential to achieving this objective.

The activities of ASC cover the entire spectrum of industries.