We are in the third month of Tuesdays where Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE) is sharing helpful hints with exhibitors. The tips are courtesy of Gavin Sharple’s book, How to Make Money on Exhibitions. 

 We are still on the topic of effectively managing the stand at an exhibition. Here is this week’s Tuesday tip:

Unique ideas

Attach something to your business card to be remembered. For example, a key with a tag, and the line ‘let’s open up negotiations’ or ‘here’s the key to unlocking…’

Find more useful information which includes tips, safety hints and case studies from the book. Visit https://www.gavinsharples.co.za/book-how-to-make-money/ to get a copy.

Don’t forget to visit the website again next week for another insightful Tip Tuesday.

How to Make Money on Exhibitions

Image credit: Peter den Hartogh

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