MTE has always been innovative and with its unique face-to-face and intimate mining and technical shows, has been a leader in the exhibition space in South Africa for 28 years.

But like most other businesses, Covid-19 lockdown regulations have affected normal operations, and under level-4 rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the MTE team members were stuck at their desks once again.

But it was not time wasted. In the past two months, MTE has put together an innovative digital product portal to keep visitors updated about new technology and products that are available in the mining space. If you are looking for innovative solutions to old problems, look no further than MTE Exhibitions’ digital portal.

From our experience, there is no better way to interact in the mining sector than to attend MTE’s travelling exhibitions. However, with these great face-to-face networking events not being permitted due to restrictions, we often get asked, what is the next best thing? Well, the answer is unequivocally networking on MTE’s digital portal. Although you lose that very important human ‘touch’, under the circumstances, the digital version of our show is as effective, and many say even more focused.

So, if you are interested in innovation, new technology and solving that persistent problem that may be haunting you at night, waste no time in registering on MTE’s user-friendly digital portal, and make your operation more efficient, cost effective and sustainable.

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