The impending launch of a new four-model E-Series wheeled excavator range has been announced by CASE Construction Equipment – with a fifth, larger model to be added in the future. The machines will be built under an existing supply agreement with South Korean manufacturer Hyundai Construction Equipment.

The CASE wheeled excavator line-up will include the conventional tail swing WX140E and WX160E, along with the short radius WX155E SR and the WX175E SR. These four models will be joined by a conventional tail swing WX210E at a later stage.

Features include:

  • Smooth operation and maximum control thanks to proven Bosch Rexroth Load Independent Flow Sharing hydraulic systems on the four smaller models.
  • Durability, reliability and efficient roading capability thanks to heavy-duty ZF axles and hydrostatic transmissions.
  • Enhanced site safety thanks to large operator cab with CASE Maximum View Monitor enabling 360° view cameras and additional rear radar.
  • Maximum comfort cruise control, optional ride control and joystick steering.
  • Operate on a range of biodiesels, HVO, and other synthetic fuels thanks to Cummins Stage V diesel engines with no requirement for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
  • Customisable specification

The new CASE E-Series wheeled excavators will boast proven well-established quality components. They will be available in a range of lower frame layouts, with several combinations of front and rear dozer blades plus front and rear outriggers.

Upper equipment will comprise a choice of mono or two-piece main booms for all machines except the WX175E SR, which will be supplied with a two-piece articulating boom only. Standard cruise control will make travel between work sites easier while moving material in a work site is made more efficient by the optional ride control and even more so by using joystick steering controls.

The new CASE wheeled excavators are powered by EU Stage V compliant Cummins diesel engines. Image credit: CASE Construction Equipment

The new CASE wheeled excavators are powered by EU Stage V compliant Cummins diesel engines. Image credit: CASE Construction Equipment

Proven technology

The new CASE wheeled excavators are powered by EU Stage V compliant Cummins diesel engines. The four smaller models will use a Cummins B4.5 engine, delivering an above industry standard, outstanding maximum power of 129kW, while the WX210E will come with the larger B6.7, offering up to 145kW maximum power.

The engines feature a highly efficient exhaust aftertreatment module, incorporating a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

With no need for complex exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system to comply with Stage V requirements, the maintenance cost is much reduced. In addition, fuel filter service intervals are 1 000 hours and engine oil and filter intervals are set at 800 hours, further maximising machine up-time for the operator. The engines are capable of operating with a range of fuels to suit the customer. This includes B7 and B20 biodiesel, hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO) and gas-to-liquid (GTL), coal-to-liquids (CTL) biomass-to-liquid (BTL) paraffinic fuels.

The WX140E through to the WX175E SR all use a Load Independent Flow Sharing hydraulic system from Bosch Rexroth. This delivers smooth, progressive control for the operator, while enhancing multi-function operation of boom, dipper arm and bucket functions. A pressure compensator is built into the control system, to allow flow sharing performance for simultaneous travel and boom operations.

The larger WX210E will come with an open centre hydraulic system with Electric Positive Flow Control, from Kawasaki. This uses a twin-pump layout, offering the power distribution required for smooth, productive operation. An electro-hydraulic proportional pressure reducing valve helps to reduce fuel consumption and boost performance.

Operators can also benefit from an optional automatic digging brake and a fine swing control, to further ease control of the machine’s movements. An auto safety lock, similar to the system found on the company’s E-Series crawler models, prevents unwanted movement of the machine’s upper structure when the gate lock is released.

Cab specifications improve operator comfort

The E-Series cab features a telescopic steering column with two tilt points, to make it easier for operators of all sizes to find a comfortable driving position. The windscreen has parallel wipers in both the upper and lower sections for the widest possible coverage and the machines can be supplied with an optional rear-view camera on the right-hand side. The CASE 360° Maximum View Monitor is also offered as an option, along with rear-mounted radar for maximum visibility and safety.

The CASE Maximum View Monitor uses four cameras, mounted around the machine, to provide a 360° aerial view. This provides the operator with a complete view of the machine on the worksite, increasing safety and visibility and preventing potential collisions. The optional radar alarm can be set to five distances from the machine, warning the operator of any possible collision to the rear or the sides of the excavator. Six LED work lights are standard, further improving visibility in poor light conditions.

An 8” touchscreen monitor provides access to a menu system that controls all functions of the machine. A secondary screen is available for cameras. The operator can navigate the main screen through a jog-dial controller, that also controls the engine throttle. This jog-dial has 10 engine rpm positions.

The monitor provides ECO guidance for the operator, showing a range of data including idle times to help the driver to improve their performance and productivity while working. Proportional joystick controls are standard, with a forward/reverse selection switch in the lever head. The lever also contains a front axle oscillation lock and a detent feature. Joystick steering is optional, as is a smart key with push-button start.

The operator can select within the monitor menus up to 10 pre-set auxiliary hydraulic flow and pressure settings. This makes it easier to inter-change hydraulic attachments, with hydraulic flows suited to each work tool. The right-hand joystick also has a switch to activate one-way or two-way auxiliary flow.

Dealer availability

The company is expanding its machine offering with the addition of the E-Series wheeled excavators, to meet the developing needs of customers across the globe. Dealers will be able to provide customers with a range of attachments and machine specifications to suit individual business demand. Contact your local supplier for more information regarding availability of the new range.

Service solutions

The range of CASE services developed to support customer experience with all CASE equipment, further boost productivity and improve any machine’s up-time. Additionally, they help fleet and site managers optimise machine operation, usage and maintenance.