GHH has long been a part of new machine sales in the underground mining world, but to provide even better customer service and be a part of the total solution, they have been repairing and rebuilding machines as part of their Customer Support Strategy. The key takeaway is the flexibility in service offering that the company can provide their customers. GHH has the flexibility to offer customised solutions which are fit-for-purpose for customers.

As part of the company’s service offering to customers in various countries around the world, GHH offers a rebuild program that is tailored to best suit customers’ needs. They are adaptable and offer complete rebuilds or mini rebuilds of equipment, either at their premises or onsite for customer ease and logistical sense, as well as service exchange and component repairs, either through their stores or their own VMI program. Older fleets of equipment can also be modified or upgraded, through a full rebuild process, to include some of the newer technologies or developments. All documentation for the rebuild equipment is also updated accordingly.

Prior to the rebuild process. Image credit: GHH Mining Machines

Prior to the rebuild process. Image credit: GHH Mining Machines

A complete rebuild is done according to OEM specs and has strict quality controls and processes in place to ensure highest quality products. Rebuild machines are stripped and then follow a similar process to the new machine manufacture and assembly process.

Full rebuilds are stripped down to the frame. The steelwork is repaired or replaced, condition dependant, and all major components are repaired. The majority of the rest of machine is replaced with new components. GHH also supports these rebuild machines under warranty. A flip side benefit of the GHH rebuild program is that it helps with internal development and learning too, in order to offer the best upgrades and developments through R&D.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in lead times and shortages throughout the supply chain around the world. GHH has taken the opportunity to use their rebuild and repair facilities to service, repair and maintain various drivetrain and hydraulic components to keep customers fleets running while awaiting the arrival on new components or the completion of newly built machines. These serviced or repaired components are also backed under a service/repair warranty.

The company manages various fleets of rental equipment in different countries around the world, again based on customer needs and requirements. In certain cases, the GHH rental fleets offer a short-term solution for their customers while they await the arrival of their new equipment. Rentals are also used on a project basis for limited duration or as a swing machine for the rebuild program.

The company can also offer various maintenance and service contracts through, for example GHHMM Technical Services business, on their rental fleet and can include these running costs in the rental fee. GHH also manages these service and maintenance contracts based on tailoring them to specific customer needs ranging from onsite support and over-inspections or full service and maintenance staff onsite.

Based on customer requirements, GHH also offers a comprehensive rental solution where they provide all spares, services and maintenance included.

The overall capabilities of the rebuild and repair programs across the company’s facilities around the world vary. The GHH facilities in South Africa or Zimbabwe, the GHH India, and GHH Chile facility have various combinations of service support including major drivetrain component repairs, steel work repairs and rebuilds, hydraulic component repairs, electrical work as well as various test benches for pumps, transmissions cylinders, etc. Other locations like GHHF do mini rebuilds and repairs underground where you have operations where it is not possible to bring machines back to surface.

When it comes to mining, ensuring their customers have reliable machines in the working sections is of paramount importance to ensure that productivity targets are met and the GHH repair and rebuild programs support this direction completely. They also rebuild to OEM spec and upgrade to include the latest safety and technology features while offering similar warranties and the same service backup as new machines.

The same machine after an extensive rebuild had been completed. Image credit: GHH Mining Machines

The same machine after an extensive rebuild had been completed. Image credit: GHH Mining Machines