The Botswana Ministry of Health and Wellness has informed members of the public and the international community that effective 14 February 2022, there will be some changes at all ports of entry into the country for the purposes of reducing risk of imported Covid-19 cases.

The new changes include:

  1. All persons entering Botswana should show proof that they have been fully vaccinated. This means having taken two doses of a two-dose vaccine regimen, or a single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. However, if overdue for booster shots, after the aforementioned, the person is no longer regarded as fully vaccinated, until having taken the required booster shot.
  2. When a person is not fully vaccinated, they will be required to present a 72-hour negative PCR Covid test result, and undergo Covid-19 vaccination at port of entry, which will be facilitated by the ministry for free. After vaccination, they will be allowed into the country.
  3. Alternatively, if a person has no proof of being fully vaccinated and has no 72-hour negative PCR test result, that person will be required to undergo PCR testing at the port of entry, at their own cost, and where necessary quarantine at own cost, while waiting for results. If results are negative, they will be allowed into the country. If results are positive, they will be allowed to isolate within the district of port of entry at own cost.
  4. If a person has no proof of being fully vaccinated, is not willing to be vaccinated at the port of entry, has no 72-hour negative PCR test, and is not willing to be tested at own cost, then that person will not be allowed entry into Botswana, if that person is a foreigner. If they are citizens, they will be liable to a fine of P5 000.00 or imprisonment not exceeding one year, or both.

This notice to the public is as of 12 February 2022. It is the individual’s responsibility to check all detail ahead of travelling with the Botswana Ministry of Health & Wellness, per the attached detail.

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