The third wave of Covid-19 and the harder Level-4 lockdown regulations have forced MTE to re-look its calendar for 2021. MTE is in the process of adapting its original travel plans in response to a harder lockdown. At this stage there is still a lot of uncertainty as to when the Covid-19 curve will flatten and when the third wave will reach its peak. But in a world where uncertainly and volatility have become the new normal, MTE has responded quickly by setting up a digital portal for suppliers to remain in touch with the mining companies (see article ‘Stay in touch with SA mines during Covid-19’).

The MTE team will continue communicating with clients and mining operations throughout this period to inform them of when we will be back on the road again. This, of course, not only depends on the lifting of Level-4 Covid-19 restrictions, but also on when the mining operations will be ready to safely host outside gatherings again. Keep following MTE to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.