Here at MTE we always ensure to provide the maximum possible value for our clients, whether they are one of our suppliers or part of the operations to which we bring our shows. Ideally our aim is to create a relaxed but high-impact environment where visitors can locate the exact solutions they need to solve any operational challenges they may be experiencing and our suppliers can find the right buyers for their products.

This is the tried and tested model which MTE has used for 30 years and we always love hearing the positive feedback (as well as helpful suggestions) received after every show. Below we have provided a selection of some of the more recent client testimonials from our highly successful Botswana combo shows and it is plain to see that the model we use is both effective and one which generates value for all involved.

Feedback from exhibitors:

“We were a late entry to the expos and extremely glad we did join, the team at MTE have been extremely accommodating and nothing was ever too much. All three shows, in our opinion, were extremely well presented with a wide range of exhibitors offering the visitors the most amount of value.

We had wonderful opportunities to see some old faces that we haven’t seen for a while and a range of new faces to broaden our horizons. Thank you to Andrew and his team for the awesome work they endured to ensure we all had a great show.” — PSM Technologies


“We have had a very good week in Botswana, very worthwhile conversations.” — Hagglands


“Magnificent week, absolutely worth the effort and money.” — Khuthele


“Good attendance and relevant technical visitors.” — Giants


From the operations

“Thank you for bringing this event to Lethalakane, after giving our challenges we faced on a daily basis we engaged with a lot of relevant suppliers.  Well done.  Always happy to support.” — Senior Engineering manager Debswana


“We found this event above our expectations.  We came across a lot of different solutions to many of our challenges, well done.” — Power Station manager

As you can see, our great service delivery and show organisation skills have made our shows extremely worthwhile and we plan to continue adding value to make them even better. If that sounds enticing, you had best get in touch so we can get you booked for one of the fantastic shows we have lined up for 2023 and beyond. 

For more information about upcoming shows and how to get registered, contact one of our dedicated salespeople: 

Sheldon Greybe: +27 (0)84 569 3516 |
Cathylene Labuschagne: +27 (0)11 579 4940 |