MTE, like all other events, conferences, and exhibitions, has been hard hit by Covid-19 restrictions and regulations. However, the one thing that counts in their favour is that MTE holds all their exhibitions outdoors. This means that under adjusted Level 2 rules they are allowed to host a maximum of 250 people.

Photo by MTE

Photo by MTE

Various studies have shown that the risk of contracting Covid-19 while outdoors is almost zero. However, MTE Exhibitions still operate according to strict Covid-19 protocols and safety regulations. Besides numbers being restricted to 250, MTE staff will test and screen all visitors and exhibitors, measure their temperatures, and make sure they complete a questionnaire. In addition, there is more than enough sanitising stations spread around the exhibition area, while wearing masks and social distancing needs to be strictly adhered to.

MTE showed what is possible when they hosted two shows last year in November under even stricter Covid-19 rules. The shows are hosted by an extremely competent and professional team who has become experts at dealing with the ups and downs, and the safety concerns of Covid-19.

So, whether you are a supplier eager to mingle with mining operations across Southern Africa, or whether you are a mining company wanting a solution to some sort of operation challenge, do not hesitate to give MTE’s highly experienced and professional sales team a call.

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