Despite the fact that we are well into the latter half of the year, the MTE team has maintained the same energy and enthusiasm throughout the year, and we can happily say that our recent expos in Gauteng and Mpumalanga have once again highlighted the benefits of bringing these travelling exhibitions to heart of each area.

Mponeng Gold Mining Exhibition

MTE’s Mponeng expo, catering for the gold industry, took place on 4 August 2022 at the West Wits Cricket Club. This was our first Mponeng show since 2017 so we were eager to return and re-establish old connections. From the time the doors opened we had a steady stream of visitors throughout the day, with even the general manager of the mine coming down to have a look. In addition, other visitors included the senior engineering manager, plant engineer, procurement manager, health and safety officer and the head of engineering for Harmony Gold. The feedback from these high-profile visitors was very positive, and likewise our exhibitors reported that they felt the show was worthwhile on their part.

MTE was given a request by the regional office of the mine to find exhibitors who could supply emulsion pumps solutions, in addition to suppliers working in the hydropower industry. Our team met the challenge head on and these requests were fulfilled to the great satisfaction of mine management – just another example of how MTE provides connections for those in search of solutions.

MTE Mponeng 4 August 2022. Image credit: MTE ©

MTE Mponeng 4 August 2022. Image credit: MTE ©

Barberton Mining & Technical Expo

 Barberton was next on the list, with the venue being Hoërskool Barberton and the date set for 16 August. The team drove down to Mpumalanga to set up the tents for a show which had many golden opportunities for networking and the establishment of lasting business relationships, all while surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas and stunning outdoor scenery.

Our 25 dedicated suppliers had their best items on display, exposing the mines of the area to the latest advances in conveyor belt technology, LED lighting, earth moving machinery and automated systems. The small but intimate gathering of high-profile personnel on the day allowed for some quality interaction to take place away from the frenetic day-to-day running of the mines. Visitors included foremen, the manager of technical services, mine overseer, procurement personnel, safety manager and ventilation superintendent – among others.

MTE Barberton 16 August 2022. Image credit MTE ©

MTE Barberton 16 August 2022. Image credit MTE ©

Ngodwana Paper & Pulp Expo

 MTE’s last show for the month of August took place at the Ngodwana Training Centre on 18 August. This was a busy day with pleasantly sunny weather and consistent visitor presence throughout the day, with a large turnout of over 230 people coming to see the expo. High-priority visitors included the mill manager, the engineering manager, the technical manager of forestry and the maintenance manager.

This show was a particularly enjoyable and fruitful one, with many if not all of our suppliers reporting good business interactions in addition to the encouraging feedback received from the mill’s management.

MTE Ngodwana 18 August 2022. Image credit MTE ©

MTE Ngodwana 18 August 2022. Image credit MTE ©

What are the perks of being an MTE exhibitor?

 One of the advantages of the MTE expo concept is that it gives our suppliers unique exposure to upper-level management staff like those mentioned above and in a setting which is free from the usual stress of working from the office, meaning these high-profile visitors will have more time to see any demonstrations of products or technologies our suppliers might want to have on display for them. No amount of advertising compares with first-hand exposure to a product and the benefits of face-to-face interactions have been sorely missed over the last two years, so these shows offer a great environment for growing your business or finding the perfect solution your operation has been looking for. All of our shows are carefully tailored using detailed feedback from the mines concerning what they would like to see from our exhibitors so there is no reason to miss out.

Huge effort went into the organisation and marketing of the Mponeng and Mpumalanga MTE expos and all our hard work communicating with the mines and coordinating the fine details of the exhibitions ultimately paid dividends as the feedback from all three events has been quite positive. We aim to keep up the pace going forward, so if you want a piece of the action, you had best book your place to ensure your business can also benefit from our ability to connect solutions providers with those who need their products and services most.

Want to get in touch? We are always open to suggestions as to how we can make future expos even more accommodating for you and your business.

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