Tomorrow will be the first of many exciting MTE shows for the year, the much anticipated Cullinan Mining & Industrial Exhibition. This area is world famous for the large, high-quality gem diamonds which have been mined there and we aim to help our clients make some prized discoveries of their own, especially if they are representatives of the diamond mining and beneficiation industry. This expo will be the perfect place to refine your business contact list after meeting with the high-level management personnel whom we usually see at these shows. While diamonds will be the focus, MTE was also given a set of challenges by Cullinan mine management which we have met by also catering to representatives from several smaller operations in the area, including quarries, sand mines, transportation and agriculture.

MTE Cullinan Exhibition 2022. Image credit: Mining & Technical Exhibitions

MTE Cullinan Exhibition 2022. Image credit: Mining & Technical Exhibitions

Cullinan Mining & Industrial Exhibition
2 February 2023
Cullinan Community Sports Centre
13h00 – 17h00

The show will take place on 2 February at the Cullinan Community Sports Centre and you must be there between 13:00 and 17:00 to avoid the disappointment of missing out on potentially beneficial business networking. Exhibitors at our expos have the perfect opportunity to chat face-to-face with top level managers and procurement staff – we have done the homework and investigated the needs of the local mines beforehand so we have made sure to bring those suppliers who can offer the most innovative products to them. For visitors, this is a chance to see many different suppliers in the course of an afternoon and see demos of their products and services offered so that they have crystal clarity before making a purchase.

Exhibitors at the expo will include the following: suppliers of cable accessories, industrial light fittings, lubrication products and valves. There will also be manufacturers of RNE vertical spindle pumps and all steel motors for mining, chemical plant, and slurry applications in addition to many others.

Andrew Macnamara, Caryn Kitching and Gillian Jeffery will all be on hand at the event, so if you have any queries you can chat to any of the team.

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