In 2018, Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE) is celebrating 25 years of success in hosting exhibitions.

The dedicated MTE team

The dedicated MTE team has been influential in the growth and evolution of this travelling exhibition specialist.
Image credit: MTE

Travelling exhibition specialist, MTE, was founded by Tony Wightman in 1993. At that time Wightman identified a need for a broader scope of engagement between miners and suppliers and he established MTE, a mobile exhibitions business staging events close to the mines’ operations and facilitating a platform for information sharing and relationship building within the industry.

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In 2004, MTE was acquired by multi-media publishing house Interact Media Defined (IMD). Since then IMD has remained true to Wightman’s vision and mission for MTE — bringing the user and supplier together.

Andrew Macnamara, MTE operations manager, says that the business focus is to ensure that each exhibition is staged to ensure successful outcomes for suppliers and exhibitors and mines and visitors alike.

Owing to MTE’s deep engagement and involvement in the industry, it has seen continued success and growth of its business, both in terms of visitor and exhibitor volumes and the quality of interaction. This engagement has seen MTE establish long-standing relationships with both the mines and exhibitors. MTE takes pride in the face-to-face market research that takes place when preparing for an exhibition. Part of this research involves MTE team members meeting with a broad cross-section of mine personnel to understand their operational requirements and needs. This information is then relayed back to the exhibitor community, for them to know what to display at the exhibition.

“The business focus is to ensure that each exhibition is staged to ensure successful outcomes for suppliers and exhibitors and mines and visitors alike.” – Andrew Macnamara, MTE operations manager

Over the years, the MTE offering has evolved and expanded — hosting exhibitions in other industries in addition to mining. Under the leadership of Macnamara, the travelling exhibition specialists now organises and hosts exhibitions in the construction, paper and pulp and agricultural industries among others.

MTE has also ventured into other African countries, successfully hosting shows in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. These exhibitions outside South Africa’s borders have proved successful and MTE has returned to these countries to host high-impact, high-quality exhibitions annually, which typically gain momentum after each event.

With 25 years under its belt, it’s safe to say that MTE has established itself as the leader in organising and hosting travelling exhibitions across a diversity of industries — reflecting the brand’s growth and versatility. Its success is attributed to the relationships MTE has developed with mines and exhibitors alike, the excellent team of dedicated MTE staff, its growing footprint in Africa and its consistency in delivering high-quality and high-impact exhibitions. With these elements, greater success in future is inevitable for this travelling exhibition specialist.


  • Over the past 24 years MTE has attended more than 4 330 mines and operation visits
  • MTE operations manager Andrew Macnamara travelled about 80 000km during 2017
  • The MTE truck travelled about 25 000km during 2017
  • Our sales team travelled about 80 000km during 2017
  • Since 2011, MTE has seen 44 165 visitors at exhibitions and close to 10 000 exhibitors