Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE) has made it easier than ever before for exhibitors to register and access the information they require for specific MTE exhibitions with just a tap or swipe of the finger on a mobile device.

MTE is now just a click away, with no frills and no fuss, at a moment’s notice.

It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s extremely valuable as a marketing tool as it enables instantaneous exposure to niche markets.

Don’t hesitate, download the MTE App on Play store or the App Store, search for ‘MTE Expos’, and make sure you book your stand for our forthcoming shows while there is still availability.

Nine benefits of the MTE App:

See our step-by-step visuals below, showing you the information available on the app.

  • Quick, easy access – simply download the MTE App on Play store or the App Store, search “MTE Expos,”and install.
  • Access to general information on all MTE exhibitions in 2022
  • Directions to the exhibition via Google maps to take you to your selected expo
  • Take a peek at the week’s weather forecasts for the area of the expo


MTE_Jan_app_image1. Image credit: ©MTE

Image credit: ©MTE

  • Preview the potential visitors invited to the expo
MTE_Jan_app_image2. Image credit: ©MTE

Image credit: ©MTE

  • Scroll through the exhibition gallery of photographs of activities on the day of the show
MTE_Jan_app_image3. Image credit: ©MTE

Image credit: ©MTE

  • Access relevant downloads, including Ts & Cs, the invite, MTE calendar and the MTE Expopedia
MTE_Jan_app_image4. Image credit: ©MTE

Image credit: ©MTE

  • Read the latest news
MTE_Jan_app_image5. Image credit: ©MTE

Image credit: ©MTE

  • Register and log in to access the exhibitions your company has booked to unlock additional features such as accommodation and catering details, notifications at the exhibitions on VIPs that have arrived, and other information.
MTE_Jan_app_image6. Image credit: ©MTE

Image credit: ©MTE

The recently developed MTE App seeks to enhance our exhibitor experience enabling seamless information sharing.

MTE is a great believer in face-to-face communication. Our unique exhibition outfit has been connecting mining operations and suppliers for the past 28 years. Even during the global pandemic, MTE has been able to host its shows within the health and safety protocols imposed by government regulations after the Covid-19 lockdowns.