Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE) recently launched the 2020 calendar. The calendar has all the dates of all expos taking place next year.

MTE 2020 Calendar

Visitors and exhibitors will be happy to know that this year, MTE will be visiting five African countries with the inclusion of Namibia and Tanzania. The travelling exhibition will be hosting an exhibition in Swakop Uranium in Swakopmund, Namibia. Following engagements with mine personnel, a mutual decision between MTE and the mine was taken to host another expo in the area. Mozambique will also be getting a new expo with the Pemba exhibition.

Locally, Gauteng is also getting a new show this year as MTE plans an expo at Blyvoor Gold Mine in Gauteng. In mid-2019, the mine made headlines as it was planning to begin gold production at the end of 2019. This means that the mine will be needing products and services for its operation.

Click here for a free download of MTE’s 2020 calendar.

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