As a leader in pump dewatering solutions, IPR has added another string to its bow – with a range of quality lighting towers from Olikara. This adds to the one-stop-shop convenience that IPR offers to customers, who frequently need appropriate lighting for sites that operate through the night.

The QubePower range of lighting towers, from IPR, includes three different sizes. Supplied by IPR

The specialist pump dewatering company can now provide lighting solutions as part of its package, according to Warren Spann, Business Development manager at the company. The Olikara range of QubePower lighting towers includes three different sizes, and can be powered by diesel or petrol engines, solar or battery power, or mains electricity.

“All models share the ability to withstand the rigours of mining, infrastructure and industrial environments,” says Spann. “As a leader in pumping solutions, we can offer the range with the same attention to quality, support and maintenance that our customers have become accustomed to.”

At the smaller end of the range is the QubePower Mini – an ultra-compact, petrol driven unit with a 10-foot extendable tower with 400W LED lights. In the mid-range is the QubePower model, a medium sized lighting tower powered by an air-cooled diesel engine and with its compact footprint this model allows more towers to be carried per truckload.

“For big projects, we offer the QubePower Max, which is a large format tower light powered by a water-cooled diesel engine, ideal for use in extreme and demanding conditions,” he explains. “For customers needing higher specifications, this solution can be enhanced with larger fuel tanks and hydraulically powered towers.”

The range’s QubeSolar model is a tower that runs off green energy, with solar panels and battery storage to ensure long runtimes. The success of the QubePower solutions is demonstrated by their penetration into regions including North America, Asia and Australia. Used in climates where temperatures drop as low as minus 40°C and rise up to 55°C, says Spann, their quality design and manufacture ensure lower maintenance and longer working life.

He highlights that this range of lighting is the only range in the world that offers a manual tilting option for the lamp. Enhancing the safety of the equipment is the worm-winch, for a lower load when raising the tower; this is a safer alternative to the ratchet winch since the basic gear design is self-locking.

“The modular design ensures that the lighting towers are future-proof, and that all new innovations fit the existing towers,” he says. “This extends the life of the light towers, while allowing customers to benefit from the latest technologies.”

Source: supplied by IPR