Macsteel Service Centres SA (Pty) Ltd is moving into a state-of-the-art facility in Johannesburg located at 233 Barbara Rd, Elandsfontein. The new Macsteel City is designed to benefit its customers, offering a much larger inventory, speedier deliveries, and better efficiencies.

The company has been in the business of steel for 116 years. “A new step in our legacy journey is ‘Pursuing Reinvention’ to ensure we remain relevant, agile, and focused on providing the best solution and service to our customers,” says the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Tom Cowan. “We know how important it is for our customers to have ease of access and options, so by consolidating our Gauteng customer-facing staff and their support function, we ensure a far better and integrated customer experience.”

The company’s warehouses are equipped with the latest technology allowing the business to digitise key operations. All inventory moving in and out of the warehouse will now be barcoded and can be tracked. “Digitisation has been a key focus for Macsteel as it enables us to have information at our fingertips as well as develop operational scenarios to make informed decisions. It has been one of the significant areas where the business has focused its efforts to evolve the business, streamline operational efficiency and ensure long-term relevance, agility, and sustainability,” says Cowan.

Furthermore, Cowan highlights the company’s future plans to move over to LED lighting and install solar panels. Reducing electricity costs will free up capital to invest in core areas of the business in order to drive customer benefits and growth.

“We are excited about Macsteel City and understand that change is necessary, especially if we want to align with and meet the needs of our customers. We need to remain adaptable to ensure a sustainable competitive edge,” concludes Cowan.

Macsteel ribbon cutting. Photo credit: Macsteel

Macsteel ribbon cutting. Photo credit: Macsteel