BMG’s Fluid Technology division works closely with the mining sector in sub-Saharan Africa to ensure that all valves, strainers and flow control equipment supplied, meets the exact requirements of every application.

“Fluid Technology installations in arduous mining conditions, demand robust products with very high levels of chemical and corrosion resistance, which can also withstand significant mechanical shocks,” says Willie Lamprecht, national product manager, Valves, BMG – exclusive distributors in sub-Saharan Africa for SAFi Thermoplastic Valves.

SAFi actuated GRPP ball valve. Image credit: BMG

SAFi actuated GRPP ball valve. Image credit: BMG

The trend in the mining sector, to choose thermoplastic industrial valves over standard components, is evident in process applications that include electrowinning, solvent extraction and acid plants, as well as heap and in-situ leaching (ISL).

Lamprecht explains that it is critical in mining operations that the correct valve is selected and properly installed, to ensure efficient operation, maximum safety and extended service life of each system. “Failure of a valve and subsequent leaking of corrosive media can have devastating effects on the environment and be detrimental to the safety of personnel and equipment, leading to premature system failure and costly downtime.”

BMG’s SAFi range, which conforms to stringent international quality specifications, incorporates ball, butterfly, diaphragm and non-return valves, as well as strainers and tank fittings – all manufactured from high-quality non-corrosive materials.

“SAFi thermoplastic industrial valves – which were launched locally by BMG approximately 18 months ago – are gaining popularity over traditional alloy metal valves to handle corrosive materials in demanding applications,” Lamprecht adds.

A recent SAFi installation in the hydro-metallurgical sector was at a copper mine, where thermoplastic valves provide an efficient solution for the storage and transport of sulphuric acid. The hydro-metallurgical process of copper extraction uses sulphuric acid in large quantities to dissolve the copper-ore on leaching heaps.

SAFi thermoplastic valves, with resistance to the chemical attack of sulphuric acid, large dimensions and excellent abrasion resistance, are ideal for this installation.