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Kluberfluid C – F Ultra series

Tough lubricants for a tough business
Abrasive contamination, extreme temperatures, oscillating movements and extremely high loads are eating away at your equipment day by day. Further enhanced by the latest additive technology, our high-performance synthetic or mineral oil-based products protect your equipment reliably.

Our open gear lubricants – your benefit

The Klüberfluid C-F Ultra series was specially developed for open gears in processing equipment such as horizontal mills or kilns. Products of this series provide excellent wear protection, reduced consumption and transparency for easy inspection of gear tooth flanks.

FZG scuffing test load stage >12 is a standard that is met by many lubricants. It’s the wear resistance that makes the difference. The wear a gear suffers determines its lifetime, the duration of service intervals and maintenance costs.

Our service offers for your equipment:

To make your mining business safer, more efficient and less costly, Klüber Lubrication can provide:

  • Oil condition monitoring and analysis
  • Inspections and documentation
  • Tribology testing and component analysis
  • Energy efficiency consulting

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