Every Tuesday, Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE) will be sharing helpful hints on how exhibitors can make the most from expos. The tips are courtesy of Gavin Sharple’s book, How to Make Money on Exhibitions.

This week we are still looking at having the correct tools on your stand.

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When exhibiting, ensure that all personal and professional equipment is on the stand. The right ‘tools can include personal items, as well as professional equipment.

Personal items

  • Clipboards – you should never speak to a client without a clipboard in hand or within arm’s length. Clipboards also remind you to take down visitors’ details. This is a neglected but essential task.
  • Cellular phones – if available, are for your convenience, not for the convenience of existing customers while you are on the stand.
    • Your phone should only be switched on when you are not on the stand.
    • Cell phones are fantastic for immediate courtesy calls, thanking visitors for visiting your stand.
  • Designation identifier stickers colour coded stickers are used to identify visitors that come to the show.
  • Filing system – a filing system should be in place for follow-up requests and easy reference. Follow up as soon as possible.
  • Headache tablets – standing on your feet all day can cause backache, shoulder and neck pain, and ultimately headache, make sure you have something to take.
  • Personal medication and toiletries – it is always advisable to take along extra deodorant or perfume “the more you smell, the less you sell”.

Find more useful information which includes tips, safety hints and case studies from the book. Visit https://www.gavinsharples.co.za/book-how-to-make-money/ to get a copy.

How to Make Money on Exhibitions

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