Atlas Copco’s WEDA electric submersible dewatering pumps series has earned a stellar reputation for its versatility and unrivalled performance.

Noting its popularity amongst customers’, the company has extended the portfolio which sees the completion of the ranges for drainage and sludge applications as well as the addition of a new range for slurry applications.

“Through these range expansions coupled with design enhancements, our WEDA pumps are now capable of providing flow rates of up to 16,500l/min with power ratings up to 54kW,” states David Stanford, business line manager of Portable Products at Atlas Copco Power Technique. “These pumps present the perfect dewatering solutions for numerous diverse applications across the construction, industrial, emergency and maintenance sectors.”

The entire WEDA assortment has been simplified for customers with all models classified by the application and type of fluid that they manage from small to highly challenging solids. Split into three divisions, the range now includes the expanded WEDA D for dewatering, the WEDA S for sludge and the brand new WEDA L for slurry.

Designed to handle both clean and dirty water, the WEDA D pumps have the ability to even manage small solids. Utilising the top-discharge function, WEDA D pumps handle water of specific gravity to 1 100kg/m3 and solids of 4 to 12mm diameter. The new D80 dewatering model takes centre stage in this series.

Extending the WEDA S sludge fold which is ideal for the dewatering of liquid sludge with bigger solids, are the new S30 and S60. These models are able to handle thick, soft, wet mud or other similar viscous mixtures of liquids and solids, especially products from an industrial or refining process. The WEDA S pumps’ bottom side discharging capabilities cover water with specific gravity to 1400kg/m3 and solids of 25 to 50mm.

The large apertures of the new rugged WEDA L series facilitate the handling of slurry containing the most challenging solids. This new kid-on-the block efficiently manages semi-liquid slurry mixtures usually made of fine particles of manure, cement or coal and water. Utilising bottom side discharge, WEDA L pumps manage water of specific gravity up to 1700kg/m3 and solids of 20 to 60mm diameter.

All pumps in the D and S range are available with WEDA+ features which include phase failure protection, rotation control, thermal switches and a 20m cable with phase shifter plug for all three-phase pumps. The WEDA+ features are also available as an option on the L range.

Enhanced performance is carefully balanced with ease of operation. “While revitalising the WEDA range Atlas Copco placed great focus on not only optimising the pumps performance, but also making the pumps lighter, increasing electrical safety as well as improving the seal design, installation and maintenance,” says Stanford.  “The compact design, coupled with a 20% lower weight compared to similar products, facilitates machine handling and transportation.” Stanford adds that this also makes them particularly suited for rental use.

Stanford points out that to ensure seamless operation in harsh environments, all WEDA models feature a built-in starter and motor protection system as well as optional automatic level control. Enhanced machine durability is achieved through adjustable wear-resistant rubber diffusors and hardened high-chrome impellers. Furthermore, higher corrosion resistance across all applications is possible through an improved aluminium alloy, while reinforced cable entries provides higher resistance to water leakage.

Uptime is maximised thanks to quick and hassle-free maintenance; all pumps contain seal types appropriate to their size, an external plug for grease filling or an oil inspection plug. Due to the pumps’ numerous connection options and sizes, discharge connections are adjustable with flow directions from 90-180 degrees. Atlas Copco fully supports its WEDA pump customers’ through readily-available parts as well as a vast network of expert dealers and service technicians.

“Last year saw Power Technique successfully launch several pioneering products and range expansions and this year we continue this trend through our new complete WEDA range which we have introduced at bauma 2019. We are confident that these latest WEDAs will exceed the high-performance and efficiencies that customers’ have come to expect from the pumps range,” concludes Stanford.