Aquajet, a global leader in Hydrodemolition machine manufacturing, maximises efficiency in water treatment with the advanced RECO Control System.

The RECO Control System allows for fully automated, continuous monitoring of both pH and turbidity, increasing productivity and opening up opportunities for better workforce utilisation due to minimal operator oversight. The RECO Control System also provides easily shareable water quality documentation, allowing contractors to demonstrate accountability for operating in increasingly regulated environments.

“Aquajet’s focus in evolving Hydrodemolition technology isn’t just about faster and more productive material removal,” says Roger Simonsson, Aquajet managing director. “We are striving to find ways to increase productivity while also protecting the environment.

Water treatment is a key part of that. When we couldn’t find a fool-proof monitoring system existing on the market, we took it on ourselves to create one.

The RECO system applies cutting-edge technology for continuous, worry-free water treatment. There is no need for labor-intensive, protracted filtration systems, and no need to worry if Hydrodemolition wastewater meets levels for release into the sewer system. Everyone from the operator to the general contractor to the project investor and public can rest easy thanks to our innovative monitoring technology.”

Aquajet RECO control system increases water treatment efficiency and accountability. Photo By: Aquajet

Aquajet RECO control system increases water treatment efficiency and accountability. Photo By: Aquajet

The RECO is unique to Aquajet’s EcoClear and controls major functions of this innovative water treatment solution. The EcoClear is a compact, self-contained system capable of moving as much as 88 gpm, or about 5,283 gallons (20 cubic meters) per hour, through a series of treatment chambers that reduce pH from 13 to 7 and suspended solids from 15 000 to 20-40 mg particles/liter.

The RECO Control System employs optical turbidity sensors and pH probes as water moves through the self-contained unit. It provides real-time data such as total suspended solids (TSS) values and overall flow through the machine.

This information is easily viewed via the display screen on the EcoClear. Data can also be shared digitally with project stakeholders through the RECO system. Detailed daily reports offer insight into the cleanliness of the discharged water, including pH levels and the amount of water that was treated, providing proof of compliance to environmental regulations.