Erie, Pa.— Eriez® recently completed fabrication of 10 HydroFloat Coarse Particle Flotation (CPF) and 10 CrossFlow units for a major South American greenfield copper project. This will be the world’s largest coarse particle flotation project.

3-D render of the HydroFloat Separator. Image credit: Eriez

3-D render of the HydroFloat Separator. Image credit: Eriez

Two new videos spotlight the HydroFloat® CPF Separator project and report the ways in which the technology enhances mining companies’ Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) performance.

The first video, filmed at the Eriez workshop in Arequipa, Peru, depicts the fabrication, assembly, lining & vulcanisation, painting, and loading processes of the HydroFloat and CrossFlow. This unique project was designed for processing +100 ktpd at the customer’s South American greenfield copper concentrator.

The video includes Jose Concha, Eriez HydroFloat Global Product Manager, describing the significance of this project. “We firmly believe that we are contributing to one of the most impactful goals in the mining industry, and that is to be more sustainable,” he says.

A second video captures the loading of the HydroFloat and CrossFlow Separator components in preparation for the journey from Eriez’ Arequipa workshop to the greenfield copper mine site.

Eriez says its team is confident this technology will become the standard in the mining industry not just because of its performance, but also for of the sustainability benefits it offers, which include increased water recovery, decreased energy consumption, improved processing capacity and greater global recovery.

HydroFloat CPF technology has been operating successfully in the phosphate industry for 20 years, as noted in the video. The HydroFloat was successfully implemented in 2018 in the copper industry at the Cadia project in Australia. To date, Eriez has supplied more than 70 HydroFloat units throughout the world for mineral concentrating applications that include copper, lithium, base metals, gold, industrial minerals, and fertilisers (phosphate and potash).

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