Hygienic door handle reduces risk of infection

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In the coronavirus crisis, everyone is called upon to take actions in order to slow the spread of the virus. The ifm group has no competence in the textile domain, so producing makeshift masks was not an option. Instead, we put our expertise in tool design, tool construction and plastic injection moulding to use to produce hygienic door handles. Only three weeks passed from the initial idea and prototype to the start of production.

Simple innovation makes all the difference. Image credit: ifm

Simple innovation makes all the difference. Image credit: ifm

Door handles are known to be a breeding ground for germs. Opening doors without touching the handle with your hands can therefore help reduce the spread of infections. That is why tool designers at ifm set out to develop a door handle that allows you to open and close doors with your forearm. The hygienic door handle (article number E12731) consists of two plastic pieces which can be mounted on round 20-22 mm ø door handles using four screws without damage or drilling holes. The parts are produced in the company’s plastic injection moulding department in Tettnang. The machinery, which is also used for the production of inductive sensor housings, has sufficient capacity to accommodate the additional production of door handles.

Product development in record time

During the implementation of the project, the ifm employees gave an impressive demonstration of their product development skills. The first prototype was fabricated using a 3D printing process to test the function and installation on door handles. The design department then designed the appropriate injection moulding tool, which was CAM milled and assembled in ifm’s tool construction and mould making department. After a successful tool function test with wax, production started. The hands-free door handle was originally only intended for internal use at the various ifm sites. However, as it was well received internally and proved its value in daily use, it has now become a series product which can be ordered from ifm with immediate effect. “It took our team only three weeks from the initial idea to the start of production,” Martin Buck, chairman of the ifm group, proudly reports on the development of the hygienic door handle. Michael Marhofer, chairman of the ifm group, adds: “We hope that with this project, we can play our part in overcoming the current crisis.”