The question is: Where would you like to see MTE in 2025?

MTE has hit the halfway mark in its 2024 calendar! “This is a good time to reflect on what has been achieved to date when it comes to the 2024 business strategy, and how to push for those goals yet to be achieved by close of business in December. In so doing, we would like feedback from you – our valued exhibitors – as to where we should focus our efforts in 2025 too, to help you reach your long-term end goals too,” says Andrew Macnamara, operations manager at MTE.

Pexels | Pixabay

Pexels | Pixabay

Finish 2024 on a high

“Once you have had a look at our calendar, send us your exhibition selection for the balance of 2024 and we will send you an easy-to-approve quote to aid you in achieving the next step in your end goal for 2024. We are already halfway through the year, but we still have plenty of exciting high-impact expos on the way,” continues Macnamara. The following expos are “still in the running” for 2024 offering the opportunity to showcase innovations and new technology and to connect with end users like the July Northern Cape combo tour to hit the iron ore and manganese sectors; the PGMs-focused combo tour in Zimbabwe; the Zambian trilogy showstoppers in the thriving copper belt in September, and so much more.


Help MTE plot its 2025 journey, in parallel with your strategy

MTE would like to expand its reach to new geographical areas, new sectors and new operations.

“We invite our exhibitors to share their new areas of interest with us to help us to add value to the routes we take next year and to their long-term strategy,” says Macnamara.


Feedback to add value

The primary benefit of exhibiting with MTE is being part of its high-impact networking space, the nature of which provides exhibitors with maximum exposure to business opportunities in the span of a single day. MTE travels extensively to the mines prior to each show to find out which products and services each location needs – meaning each show is specifically customised for the local area and buy-in from the mines is confirmed beforehand to ensure that all the key players are present.

With almost three decades of exhibition experience, the company has refined its expos to add more value. The walkway system on shows of less than 60 stands guides visitors through each show to make sure victors move past every stand and designation stickers instantly enable visitor identification for quick discussion touch points. In addition, MTE offers improved rates for combo shows, giving you more opportunities to market your innovations.

“However, we would like to hear from you as to what you believe might add even more value, so do not hesitate to call me or drop me an e-mail – or even a quick Whatsapp will be welcomed,” concludes Macnamara.

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