Ever since the introduction of Mining & Technical Exhibitions in 1993, the company has been in a never-ending process of evolving and growing over time – always adapting to the changing needs of the industry. For example, when the sudden and unexpected Covid-19 global pandemic reached our shores in 2020 MTE adapted by incorporating social distancing into its exhibitions as well as an expanded digital offering.

As we continue to move forward it will be necessary to sustain this continual evolution by examining the needs of the market so that MTE can stay ahead of the curve. This is so that MTE can continue to provide its clients with the highest level of service and satisfaction, which means they need YOU to send them feedback on the areas you think they could improve upon.

MTE needs your valuable feedback to help make the shows even better. Image credit: Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

MTE needs your valuable feedback to help make the shows even better. Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

In particular, MTE would like to know which areas you would most like the team to visit, whether it be an area you as the supplier would like to visit or perhaps an area which needs MTE’s special brand of networking to assist the local operations with their challenges. Either way, send an email with your motivations/reasons and the team will consider whether to add it to the venue roster (within reason of course).

Otherwise, let the team know about other aspects which you would like to see improved or perhaps expanded upon. MTE is not limited to mining operations either, with the company also active in the acid production, paper & pulp, sugar, cement, logistics and other adjacent industries. If you have a suggestion for an industry which MTE could expand to include, let them know.

MTE values your input and will closely examine any and all suggestions and insights received so don’t be shy!

Send your brilliant ideas to: andrew@interactmedia.co.za