The best way to stay updated and keep track of upcoming events during 2022 is our Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE) calendar.

With our flagship exhibitions and entry into key areas in Africa, MTE takes you to the heart of the mines. The MTE expos are ideal for networking and information sharing – we pride ourselves on our ability to provide an ideal space for networking and face-to-face engagement between suppliers and customers.

The primary benefit of exhibiting with MTE is being part of our high-impact networking space, the nature of which provides our suppliers with maximum exposure to business opportunities in the span of a single day. Our representatives travel extensively to the mines prior to each show to find out which products and services each location needs – meaning each show is specifically customised for the local area and buy-in from the mines is confirmed beforehand to ensure that all the key players are present when your stand has your best products on display.

With almost three decades of exhibition experience, we have refined our shows to make the experience even better. Our enforced walkway system guides visitors around each show to make sure they don’t miss any stands and with our new designation stickers you can instantly identify which visitors are most relevant to you. In addition, we offer improved rates for combo shows, giving you more opportunities to market your wares directly to the buyer. Want us to contact specific designations? We can do that, and more.

Once you’ve had a look at our calendar, send us your exhibition selection and we will send you an easy-to-approve quote. We are already halfway through the year but we still have plenty of exciting high-impact expos on the way to offer up the latest innovations, new technology and opportunities for connecting with suppliers. Key upcoming shows include our Northern Cape combo, Mponeng and even a trip to stunning Zambia for another combo show. Keep watching this space for more!

Click here for the MTE 2022 Calendar