Ndavhe Mareda, CEO of Black Royalty Minerals was recently invited as a speaker at the 4th Annual Venda Circuit Career Day hosted by the Power Girl Foundation in partnership with Vhumbedzi Circuit.

Ndavhe Mareda, Black Royalty Minerals CEO. Image credit: Black Royalty Minerals

Ndavhe Mareda, Black Royalty Minerals CEO. Image credit: Black Royalty Minerals

The Power Girl Foundation (PGF), a non-profit organisation, is an outreach programme that focuses on the provision of crucial post-matriculant information to high school learners. PGF has successfully organised and hosted career days to the circuits of Venda for over three years, and since then there’s been an increase in the matric pass rate and the number of university applicants from the learners in the area. During his interview on a local community radio station, Choice FM, Mareda spontaneously announced that he would give away two study bursaries to two lucky students as he was so impressed with PGF, their initiative and their results.

A firm believer in Nelson Mandela’s famous quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Mareda continues to inspire and encourage young people from rural communities to work hard in school to ensure they increase their chance for a better future.

Coming from humble beginnings himself, Mareda understands that one’s background does not determine their future. He also knows the challenges and lack of opportunities available growing up in rural communities. ‘’My participation in this event and giving away the students bursaries is one of the many ways in which BRM continually strives to make a difference to the lives of the number of historically disadvantaged learners,” said Mareda. He added that BRM focuses on upliftment and enablement in the rural communities.

“We are proud of what PGF has achieved in over three years. We will continue to support such initiatives and we look forward to helping the students achieve their full potential,” concludes Mareda.