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The Flanders All

True experts in electrical machines. Flanders specialises in development, manufacturing, integration, and deployment of advanced technologies for the world’s largest machines with electric rotating systems.

The Flanders All – How we bring it all together

Our innovator’s mindset really shines when we have the opportunity to put together what we call Flanders All solutions that combine power systems, control systems, and services. When we put a power system in place for you, we don’t just cross- reference the specs and deliver a motor, we:

  • Listen closely at what you want to accomplish and really dig into the context.
  • Look for ways to turn that downtime into a machine advancement.
  • Flag related opportunities to make your operation safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

A proactive, pragmatic, innovator’s mindset is part of everything we do.

Things like pre-delivery commutators tuning and how we craft and ship assemblies to facilitate easier field installation all factor into our innovation equation.

We have just opened our motor repair shop in Middelburg South Africa and are excited to serve you.

Phone number: +27 (0)13 244 1122
Fax number: +27 (0)13 590 0225
Email address: dmeyer@flandersinc.com

Website: www.flandersinc.com

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