Pro bracket is the latest addition to the Epiroc product range. With this high-quality, rigid manifold for transverse drum cutters, Epiroc is once again demonstrating its commitment to innovative development. Consistent output quality and efficiency with increased investment protection are the key features of the new product.

An operator’s view of the Epiroc pro bracket. Image credit: Epiroc

An operator’s view of the Epiroc pro bracket. Image credit: Epiroc

Epiroc has impressed customers with its drum cutters with endless 360 degree hydraulic rotation. It enables optimal positioning and precise handling of the drum cutter. The new fixed manifold significantly improves the protection of the hoses when working in confined areas and where there is limited visibility, without compromising the exemplary quality and performance.

Epiroc meets the requirements of the market perfectly

While the tried-and-tested 360 degree hydraulic rotation unit continues to prove popular with its precision and flexibility, the pro bracket primarily offers additional protection of customers’ investment in the machine for particular applications – a win-win situation for all involved. The requirements of the market and customer satisfaction continue to be the key drivers for Epiroc’s innovation.

The optimised hose guidance is outstanding with the Pro bracket: The hydraulic hoses run directly along the excavator arm and are fed out to the back in the centre of the extension arm for protection. This means that they are subjected to significantly less mechanical strain, do not cross each other and are better protected during work with minimal visibility of the cutting heads (e.g. during channel construction, close to walls, in tunnels or in water). The robust design in the form of a closed box prevents the demolished material from falling onto the engine cover from above.

One bracket for all applications

The rigid bracket with its range of usage options is particularly flexible. It is suitable for even the most challenging applications and can also offer a variety of useful options.
Epiroc offers the Pro bracket with an optional water spraying system to meet the ever-increasing requirements for dust suppression during demolition work, tunnel and channel construction. The installation of an optional additional valve enables the overflow oil line and return to be combined so that the drum cutter can be connected to the breaker circuit of the excavator with just two hoses.

The customer now has the option to choose either a rotating or static support bracket depending on the requirements of their application.