We all thought 2020 was a tough year! Well, 2021 has certainly kept us on our toes, thankfully buoyed by the mining industry successes on the continent, we have managed to navigate pandemic lockdown disruptions, political instability, electricity woes, challenging environmental concerns – the list goes on… So, it is with a sigh of relief that we bid farewell to 2021 for a short reprieve to recharge and focus on the positive to come.

The Mining and Technical Exhibition (MTE) team would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued visitors, exhibitors, advertisers, partners, and industry associations for their continued support in bringing innovative solutions to the mining, construction, paper and pulp and power industries we serve.

It is time to take a breath, to focus on that which makes the world goes round – some well- deserved rest and reflection, with a focus on family, values, and a little respite before we tackle what comes in 2022. No doubt it will be a challenging year, but together we can draw from the positives and the learnings in 2021 and face what comes with fortitude and resilience. Let the order of the day be smart mining – sustainably, protecting our environment, and serving our communities in the year to come.

We wish you all happy holidays and we look forward to returning in the new year to engage once again and bring you news that informs, encourages debate, and drives solutions in an industry that has served us all well through these tough times.

IMD Conferences, Exhibitions and Workshops will close on Wednesday 15 December, and we reopen on the 6 January 2022.

“Happy holidays!” from the MTE Team. Image credit: Elias Tigiser, Pexels

“Happy holidays!” from the MTE Team. Image credit: Elias Tigiser, Pexels