Exxaro’s climate change efforts receive a 4/4 TPI ranking

By | 2021-03-19T07:42:51+00:00 March 23rd, 2021|

Exxaro Resources has received a Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) ranking of 4/4. This high score reflects the company’s commitment to managing greenhouse gas emissions and indicates to stakeholders and investors that Exxaro is in an excellent position to benefit from opportunities presented by the low-carbon transition.



Started in 2017, the TPI is an international initiative that aims to assess companies’ transition to a low-carbon economy.  A TPI ranking shows how a company’s expected future carbon emissions compare to local or international targets that are part of the Paris Agreement. It is now being used as a benchmark to determine how committed organisations are to corporate climate action.

As eco-friendly and responsible investing become more mainstream, the tool was designed to empower investors with the information they need to see which companies are dedicated to participating in the global low-carbon transition. The open-access TPI data shows what some of the world’s biggest businesses are doing to align their sustainability strategies with international climate goals.

A high TPI ranking means that a business has demonstrated that it is actively trying to mitigate climate change at a strategic level.