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Saiccor Mill produces a world-class product in a country where sound technology and infrastructure meet the demands of the global community. 

Situated 50 km south of the port of Durban in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, the mill is one of the production facilities for Sappi Dissolving Pulp. The mill has the capacity to produce approximately 800,000 tons of elemental chlorine free (ECF) dissolving pulp (DP) per annum, mostly for the export market.

Unlike many synthetic raw materials, the product supplied by Sappi Dissolving Pulp is produced from a natural and renewable resource. The timber consumption of Saiccor Mill and Ngodwana Mills is comprised primarily of eucalyptus hardwoods. These fast-growing trees are grown in relatively close proximity to the mills, which contribute to the business’ position as a competitive producer of dissolving pulp.

Project Vulindlela is our multi-billion-rand expansion project to boost Saiccor Mill’s dissolving pulp (DP) capacity by 110,000 tons per annum. The project has significant benefits for people, the planet and prosperity in South Africa.


Name of operation  Type of   Owner of  operation Commodity
Sappi SAICCOR Mill Paper and pulp mill Sappi Paper

Exhibitors we would like to see include companies that supply equipment or products to the paper and pulp industry.