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Richards Bay is also home to several mining operations such as Richards Bay Minerals and South32. Richards Bay Minerals is a subsidiary of Rio Tinto in South Africa and the mine produces ilmenite from mineral sand deposits. South32 is an aluminium smelter that produces aluminium metal and uses advanced technology to achieve maximum smelter productivity.

The USD463-million (Rio Tinto share USD343-million) investment will sustain Richards Bay Minerals (RBM’s) current capacity and extend mine life.

RBM currently operates four mines in the Zulti North lease area, a mineral separation plant and smelting facility. The Zulti North ore body grade is declining hence the Zulti South mine is required to maintain the output of high-margin zircon and rutile.

The Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT), which is in the Richards Bay harbour on the Indian Ocean, is the largest coal export facility in Africa. It is situated at one of the world’s deep-sea ports and is subsequently able to handle large ships and large volumes of coal.

These include businesses involved in the industry of sugar, harbour, paper and pulp. As our previous exhibition illustrates, Richards Bay is an ideal area to incorporate all industries.


Name of operation  Type of   Owner of  operation Commodity
Richards Bay Minerals Dune Mining Rio Tinto Rutile, pig iron, zircon
KZN Sands Dune Mining Tronox Rutile, pig iron, zircon
Hillside Aluminium Smelter South32 Aluminium
Richards Bay Coal Terminal Coal Terminal Richards Bay Coal Terminal Coal terminal
Foskor Acid Plant Foskor Acid
Richards Bay Mill Paper Mill Mondi Paper, board
Transnet Logistics Transnet Minerals terminal
Various Sugar Mill Sugar Mill Various Sugar

Exhibitors should include suppliers in the sugar, harbour, paper and forestry sectors. Several sugar mills are dotted along the coastline and the Mondi paper mill is a massive operation, producing Baycel and Baywhite.